In the current era of trap music and booty-shaking strip club songs, Miami rapper Jaheil is a breath of fresh air.

Jaheil’s sound is classically reminiscent of Hip-Hop’s Golden Era. Hard hitting boom bap beats that make your head

nod are the music bed for his rap stories. His delivery is confident. In an environment where lyrical content has

diminished and seemingly no longer important, Jaheil paints vivid pictures with clever analogies and what life was

like growing up in Miami.

Jaheil, born in the Bronx and raised in Miami, he was introduced to music and the arts at a young age. His father, a

percussionist and B-boy and his mother a dancer, performing and creating is in his genetics. As a youngster in NY,

Jaheil had hoop dreams but music was always a close second. In High School he began writing and recording music

at a friend’s house, learned Protools and fell in love with the recording process.

When asked where he gets his inspiration, “I get my inspirations from the beat. I used to come up with concepts

based on my reality, but then I remembered no idea is original. Now, I wait until I hear the music to see what it’s

already saying.” Jaheil describes his music as “Hip-Hop fundamentals modernized and suburbanized so all can

relate”. When asked what he hopes to accomplish with his music, “I hope this takes me to the heavens I’ve

imagined. Music will be my all-access pass to get cultured and become a true citizen of the Earth.”

Jaheil is currently signed Merger Media.